The following gives an overview of key dates for the national on-line training program and exam, the Ontario Chemistry Olympiad, the National Camp, and the International Chemistry Olympiad.

CCO Schedule for 2018-19
Problem Sets (On-line)October 2018 - February 2019
Take-Home Examination March 2019
for submission before the CCC/CCO exam
CCC/CCO Examination
(parts A & C)
April 2019
Ontario Chemistry Olympiad (OCO) Camp May 2019, University of Toronto
International Chemistry Olympiad Paris, France July 2019

Important Changes:

There will be no Canadian Chemistry Olympiad National Camp held in 2018-19. Students wishing to be considered for the four-person national team that will attend the International Chemistry Olympiad must fulfill ALL of the following criteria:

In addition, the four members of the national team must be available to attend pre-departure training at the University of Toronto, and contribute $2000 towards the cost of attending the 50th International Chemistry Olympiad.

To be considered for the Canadian National Camp, students must have written the April CCC/CCO exam (parts A & C); registration information for this exam will be sent to all high school chemistry teachers some time in early 2018. Students must also participate in the on-line preparation program and write the March Take-home exam if they wish to attend the Ontario or National camps.