On-line Preparation Program

The online preparation program aims to help high school students study chemistry to a level beyond their school curriculum. A total of five problem sets are published monthly between October and March, and can be accessed here. A take-home examination is also sent out in late February or early March, and will be used in conjunction with the national qualifying exam in April to select students for the national finals. Both the on-line problems and the take-home exam will be considered along with the Part A and C exams in selecting students to attend the national camp.

Students may look up the problem sets and study the material covered by the questions. Students registered for the online program may submit their answers to each problem set, and will receive feedback by email regarding incorrect answers.

Note: students may only register once during the current academic year for the on-line program. All registrations will be deleted following the international chemistry olympiad.

The take-home exam will be sent via email to all registered students. Answers to the exam must be mailed back to the organizers before the national examination in April; additional information about this will be provided with the take-home exam.

Note for students:

If you are interested in participating in this program, we strongly recommend that you discuss this early on with your chemistry teacher. They can help you with materials, and will need to register on your behalf if you wish to write the national final exam in April.

Note for teachers:

If you have students participating in this program who want to write the national final exam in April, you will need to register your school and students. Invitation letters and registration details are sent to all secondary school chemistry teachers in January; this is done in conjunction with the Canadian Institute of Chemistry's Canadian Chemistry Competition. Please check the CIC website for further information. You should be aware that the National and International Chemistry Olympiad competitions require a greater knowledge of chemistry than is typical at the high school level. Please see the syllabus for further information.