Regional Information

Program for Ontario Students:

The five on-line preparation problem sets, take-home examination and the national examination (parts A and C) will be used to identify the top 15-20 Ontario students. These students will be invited to a Preparation Weekend at the Chemistry Department, University of Toronto during May (typically over the 1st or 2nd weekend in May). Out-of-town students will be provided with accommodation on campus and the University will pay bus or train fares. There are no fees for participating, but all students must meet the eligibility requirements for the International Chemistry Olymiad

The Preparation Weekend typically includes an opening event, tutorials, and a laboratory session. The event ends with the Ontario Regional Selection Examination. The top students will be considered along with their regional counterparts across Canada for the National Olympiad Finals in early June.

Other Canadian Students:

Although all Canadian students can take part in the on-line program, different regions may have different selection criteria. Please contact the relevant regional coordinator for more information.