On-line Prep Registration

Students must register in order to participate in the on-line preparation program. All registration information is kept strictly confidential. After you have entered all the requested information, you will receive a personal registration number that is required to check all submitted answers. Only registered students will receive a copy of the take-home exam.

NOTE 1: You should register only once in the current academic year. If you wish to change your contact e-mail after registering, or forget your registration number, please contact the on-line program co-ordinator.

NOTE 2: Registering for the on-line program does not mean that you are registered for the CCC/CCO exam in April – this must be done through your high school chemistry teacher.

NOTE 3: On successfully registering, you will receive a unique ID to use when submitting your problem set answers. Please record this number! If you forget your ID number, you can contact us for a reminder.

Registration for the current program

Registration is now closed