Resources & Syllabus

Students wanting to participate in the Chemistry Olympiad will find that the topics and level of difficulty are above those of the provincial and territorial grade 12 curricla. The national and international competitions also place a strong emphasis on laboratory work. This page provides materials and links to assist students in completing the on-line preparation problems and preparing for both the NOF and the IChO. The resources available include recommended texts, the IChO Syllabus, and laboratory procedures.


The first few problem sets will cover and build on components of a typical grade 12 chemistry curriculum. Subsequent problem sets while reflect the increasing level of difficulty associated with the practice problems published by the host IChO country. Students may wish to investigate the possibility of auditing 1st year chemistry courses at their local college or university where evening classes are available. Alternatively, students can make use of podcasts available through iTunesU. The following are good general chemistry and organic chemistry text books:


The CCO on-line preparation program builds from common Canadian Grade 12 topics towards the range and level of detail expressed in the International Chemistry Olympiad regulations. For convenince, these documents are also provided as downloadable PDF files here:

Lab Materials:

The following PowerPoint files cover general laboratory skills that students participating in the Ontario Chemistry Olympiad (OCO), National Olympiad Finals (NOF), or International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) competitions should be familiar with. Specific equipment details will vary, but the operating principles will be the same.